ABC's Operations

The Value Chain

ABC, our volunteers, and NGOs, are all equal and integral components of our value chain. ABC provides support services to the volunteers, and pro-bono consulting to the NGOs. Through this process, we hope our clients receive satisfactory services, while the volunteer improves their skills and abilities. 

Consulting Service

ABC has two consulting seasons each year, starting from March and September respectively. Each season lasts over 3 months and serves 4-6 NGOs each time. These organisations usually cover a wide range of fields, but share one common trait - they are all small or medium sized non-profit organisations. ABC will allocate 8 volunteers to each project, filling the roles of Project Director, Project Manager and Project Consultant. The projects range from strategic planning, to marketing, human resources, fundraising, and more.



Support Service

To better serve public organisations and our voluteers, ABC is committed to offer support services throughout the whole process. After 4 years of exploration and improvements, ABC has developed a standard process that encompasses all segments of the projects, which includes “volunteer recruitment and training - project management and value-added service - feedback and assessment”. This aims at improving the internal abilities of the small-and-medium-sized public organisations in order to achieve a sustainable development.