Client Application Process & Screening Criteria

After becoming ABC's client, you can get three months of intensive support from a professional team, as well as expert mentoring, follow-up training and publicizing support; in addition, you may get potential volunteer resources, get to know more NGOs and enterprises through our activities, as well as the promotion opportunity in our propaganda platform. Whatever your consulting needs are, you are welcome to apply to become ABC's client.


You can submit online application at any time. ABC will carry out two consulting seasons a year respectively in spring and autumn. Vetting is in May to July and November to January (next year), and final results will be released in August and February respectively.


Application Process

1.     NGO fill out online application form

2.     ABC meets NGOs reaching initial requirements to know about them

3.     If necessary, ABC will seek clients for additional material

4.     ABC will have internal vote for applications

5.     Inform clients of voting results and subsequent process


Screening Ccriteria

We believe that the right client is the prerequisite for a successful and complete consulting project. When considering whether an NGO is suitable to be our client or not, we primarily judge from five aspects of development stage, organizational size, the core team, program objectives and scope, and brand/influence.


Development Stages

      Reference index: established time, preliminary strategy understanding/strategy implementation/strategy restructuring, etc.


Organizational Size

      Reference index: the number of employees, annual budget, the number of projects, etc


Core Team

      Reference index: team quality, recognition degree of organizational decision makers/council, importance degree of agency heads, long-term-stay in Beijing or not, idea consensus and cooperative attitude, etc.


Program Objectives and Scope

      Reference index: whether problems encountered are suitable to resolve by consulting projects or not, whether they are related to the implementation of specific programs or not, whether the project workload/scale ABC can bear or not, whether suitable and matching volunteers can be found or not, etc.



     Reference index:popularity, awards, main funders, industry rankings and social influence, etc.