Client Achievement

During the past 30 years of development, the public interest industry is now ready to move forward. However, incapability of management has become the bottle neck of the industry. Due to institutional and resource restrictions, it is rather difficult for the industry to attract professionals, which leads to problems of equivocal strategy, limited knowledge, defective internal control, and a lack of market awareness.


ABC is good for NGOs. Customers can get from ABC three months of free consulting services. Consulting goals include strategic planning, marketing, human resources and other areas. In the meantime, customers will work with the professionals from various fields who consist of the project team for brainstorming together, learn successful experiences, and negotiate to establish a practicable solution. By accepting ABC's consulting services, customers will have the opportunity to get the following benefits:



1. Professional scenarios, which can be passed on to and used by customers
2. Study domestic and foreign cases of success; learn from counterparts advanced approaches and experience; promote team capability of practical operation


3.    Unite team thoughts and increase the sense of togetherness by way of internal group discussion and brainstorming
4. Individual resource recommendation aside from consulting