Cooperation Model

ABC offers a variety of cooperation opportunities to potential partners, therefore, you can choose ways of cooperation that matches your own advantages. Based on our experience, we have tried the following models of cooperation:


Intellectual cooperation


1. Provide volunteer resources to ABC:

ABC accomplishes 10 consulting services projects a year, during which it may generate at least 80 consulting team volunteer positions.Volunteers can choose suitable positions including project director, project manager and project consultant, according to their own energy and experience. For enterprises, through innovative public welfare model of ABC consulting services, they enable employees with the opportunity to contribute to public welfare with their expertise, so as to help employees achieve public welfare ideals as well as demonstrate corporate philanthropic culture.


2. Provide intellectual support to ABC:

According to their professional strength, enterprises can provide specific support for ABC, which should be fully provided by employees from enterprises, maximizing their' CSR image. For example, in the spring of 2013, Accenture Consulting Group offered six-week IT consulting to ABC, which helped ABC plan IT system implementation program for next three years, made systematic suggestions from specific process to organizational structure and harvested good effects.



Financial Support


1. Fund ABC for its organizational development:

With the recognition of public welfare consulting value as the precondition, and funding ABC for its growth as the lever, enterprises can promote the healthy development of China's public interest industry, and multiply enlarge the social influence of enterprises funding. Since ABC is currently transforming from self-development to have impact on industrial change, at which point if enterprises fund ABC, they can achieve a certain degree of transformation effect in limited time, and share huge social investment return presented by ABC, because of its rapid growth.


2. Fund specific projects of ABC:

In ABC, types of projects include consulting projects and Free Consulting Training Camp. Therefore, enterprises can choose any type that matches themselves to fund according to their own preferences. Fund for specific programs is only available for the one, that is targeted funding, with targeted and effective features for enterprises.


3. Brand publicity sponsorship:

ABC has a annual number of volunteer applicants in 1000 or so, gets in touch with various customers and media, and shares a high market reputation among similar organizations. Enterprises can make dissemination of their public welfare philosophy and brand image, by the means of various ABC publicity carriers, such as websites, e-mail, microblog, monthly magazines and activities. Furthermore, in order to better meet the needs of enterprises, ABC can customize promotion carriers and ways of spreading, according to enterprises’ requirements.



Goods support


ABC is a start-up organization, thus any goods support from enterprises are welcome, especially activities gifts, office software and office supplies. Most of all ABC needs is professional office software, such as software related to office automation, customer relationship management and mailing system. By providing goods, enterprises can help ABC improve its work efficiency and work quality to maximize the value of existing resources.


If you have better ideas of cooperation, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Email address: