Partner Achievement

As a leader in public welfare consulting industry in China, ABC made a number of records, such as total public welfare consulting hours exceeding 25,000 hours; organizing China's first "Free Consulting Training Camp" in cooperation with Accenture; editing and writing project management processes in accordance with ISO9000; volunteer applications in spring consulting season of 2013 broke 700, with quarter-on-quarter growth rate up to 100%. These are a key breakthrough as the best gift for the society and our partners. In details, ABC can provide partners with:



1. Opportunity to participate in the transformation of public interest industry:

After five years of experience, ABC is in a transition phase from self-development to affect the industry change. In the start-up public interest industry, few public interest organisations can promote the industry like it does. Moreover, the number of public organizations that remain extremely active after 5 years of development is fewer. Therefore, if you cooperate with us, you can seize the opportunity to maximize your output of invest into public interest field, and realize enterprises’ public welfare ideals faster.



2. Innovative modes of employees participation in public welfare:

Compared to traditional ways to participate in public welfare like donating money and taking part in activities, employees can make use of their expertise to help public organizations solve problems and break the bottleneck. Besides, through three-month in-depth involvement in public welfare undertakings, employees can enhance their understanding and recognition of public welfare.


3. Enhance employees professional skills:

In ABC, most volunteers are young people working for 2-8 years, among which most are in the rising stage of career development, and expect to get training and promotion opportunities. ABC's public welfare consulting demands high overall quality volunteers, which allows them to engage in undertakings beyond their own position, especially in the leadership aspect, for which ABC can provid a unique training platform. At the same time, a large number of volunteers from different companies can grow together through cooperation and exchanges with each other.


4. Get close to various public organizations in a short time:

ABC has served nearly 30 domestic outstanding and active public organizations, with an annual increase of more than 10 clients. Through cooperation with ABC, enterprises can get in touch with a wide range of various public organizations in a short time, which is helpful for them to select potential partners. In addition, consulting services can provide a better understanding of internal operation of public organizations, enterprises can get more valuable information to develop better internal decision-making.


5. Precise positioning of target groups:

For a long time, inside ABC, there are a lot of active professional volunteers interested in consulting and public welfare, who come from all walks of life and are of high overall quality. According to statistics, ABC volunteers mainly come from industries including consulting, finance, IT, PR/advertising and public interest industry. Enterprises can propagate inside ABC to position target groups precisely, so as to develop their brand image or find out talents. For example, by providing meeting places for ABC, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business make publicity and promotion of its brand image to attract potential MBA applicants.