Consulting Team

If you are interested in consulting service and wish to help public organizations develop, then you are welcome to our consulting team. ABC allocates 8-member team for each client and you can choose to play one important role in the team. Your team members and you are not only colleagues, but also friends, as well as companions along the life way.





Application time

ABC has two consulting seasons every year, with volunteer applications open respectively in January to March and July to August. The accurate time for application will notice on ABC official website in advance, or click here to check.  



Job description




Application process

  1. Click here for online application
  2. Human resource department screens resumes and only sends interview invitation letter to volunteers selected
  3. Arrange invited volunteers for group interview on case analysis
  4. Human resource department send training camp invitation or rejection letter to interviewed volunteers
  5. Invited volunteers participate in one-month Free Consulting Training Camp
  6. Human resource department send final admission letter or rejection letter



  • Volunteers with training camp invitation must complete the camp so as to be qualified for the final selection, the purpose of which aims at improving professional consulting skills of consulting team, developing sense of team preliminarily and selecting volunteers.
  • After the training camp, human resource department will run last selection, which will weed out 30%-40% candidates, to form the consulting team. People with following two cases can avoid training camp:
    1. Applicant with over 2 years of consulting experience in well-known consulting firms.
    2. Applicant worked in ABC projects and was recognised by ABC.
  • We assess and select volunteers by means of Competency competence model and 360° Evaluation.